Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Passover Dinner

Last week we had an authentic Passover-Seder Dinner.
I was so excited for this because I have been wanting to go to one for a long time.
Our Judaism professor, Ophir Yardin, led us in the dinner to show us how he and his family celebrates passover.
It was so interesting to eat all the ritual foods, drink the 4 glasses of wine (grape juice for us JCers), read the passover story and scriptures, sing the hebrew songs,
eat the motzah bread, and experience this
sacred Jewish feast for myself!

After we went through the whole ritual (a two plus hour process)
they served us dinner.
I was full after half of my first plate.
Turn out though, it was only the first course of seven.
Lets just say the guys sitting next to me loved me,
seeing as they got to eat 14 courses instead of seven haha.
Instead of eating I went outside and played hide and go seek with Ophir's four year old daughter.
She was absolutely adorable and we became BFF.
I did not realize how much I have missed little kids since being here in Jerusalem-
the only ones we usually interact with are the five year old little boys who try to mug us on our walk home...which is just not quite as cute haha.
There really are not many things that are more fun than being around little
little kids though and it was a great way to end a great evening!

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