Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sunday morning we woke up at the break of dawn and made the four hour drive to Eilat...so worth it! The bus ride down there was probably the most entertaining one yet, complete with a hilarious game of truth or dare and a two hour long game of ipod karaoke. I have never heard so many fantastic renditions of celine dion, taylor swift, whitney houston, spice girls, or david archuletta in my entire life haha. Time definitely flies when you are watching all your friends make complete and utter fools of themselves and you join in the fun yourself!

haha i told you people got into it!

We arrived at Eilat in the early afternoon and naturally headed straight to the beach. Eilat is famous for its snorkeling, and we saw some gorgeous fish and coral reef. I may have had to constantly remind myself that I was perfectly fine and that my breathing was supposed to sound like Darth Vader in order to avoid freaking out, but I still loved it! The water was a beautiful clear blue and it was amazing to see the completely different world existing beneath the water. Plus, now I can say that I have been swimming in the Red Sea....pretty cool!

Liss, Stacey, and I in our super attractive snorkel gear
After snorkeling we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach trying to get rid of our tan lines, playing in the water, and walking along the pier. A pretty perfect way to spend the afternoon in my opinion :)

the best-smelling camel I have ridden yet!

For dinner we ate at the kibbutz we stopped at on our way home from Egypt. Since this particular kibbutz raises dairy cows, they have the best ice cream in the entire country. It tasted amazing after a long day at the beach, and was a perfect ending to our day trip!

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