Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So right now we are under lockdown here in the center because of what is currently happening here in Israel with the raid on the flotilla. If you want to learn more about what happened, look here. The attacks caused all the Arabs here to go on strike and protest, and because we live in the Palestinian part of Jerusalem, we are not allowed to leave for security reasons. We all feel totally safe here in the center and security is taking all the necessary precautions, so there is no need to worry Mom! It is interesting to be living in the middle of such a heated conflict, and to be hearing first-hand the arguments from both sides about the tragedy. Depending on which newspaper you pick up or who you talk to here in Israel, you will get a completely different story. We are all praying that things work out and that the situation diffuses so we can get back to life as usual here, but until then we will be staying indoors studying for our midterms this week and doing some much needed catching up on blogs/journals/sleep!

Pray for Shalom

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