Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love Shabbat!

Just warning you upfront, this is a journal post and there are no cool pictures, sorry! This last Sabbath was one my favorites here in Jerusalem. It was fast sabbath since we have district conference this week, and the whole block of meetings was amazing. I have heard that people struggle going to church meetings back in the states after being here, and I can definitely see why! Looking at a gray cinder block wall during sacrament meeting is just not quite the same as looking out at the Old City of Jerusalem, we are definitely spoiled.
After church a group of us went to study our scriptures over at Orson Hyde Garden, which is one of my favorite places here in the city. It is so pretty and the view is incredible. We have not been able to go for the last few weeks, because a group of our students got mugged there recently, but the center sent some security guards there to watch over us so we could spend time there safely. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon!
After dinner Melissa, Stacey, Lauren, Abby, Becca and I went over to the Whipples apartment to make cookies. The Whipples are an elderly service couple over here and they are basically the greatest people I have ever meant. They are so sweet and full of personality and have both done some pretty incredible things in their lives. Brother Whipple was the first mission president in Poland, translated the Book of Mormon into Polish, and is the most musically gifted man alive. Sister Whipple is absolutely hilarious, and is a former singing/tap-dancing star! It was so fun to get to know them better and the chocolate chip cookies were heavenly! Sadly,Israel apparently does not believe in baked desserts because they were our first cookies here haha and lets just say that between the six of us girls, we finished the whole batch :)
That night, President Brown taught a lesson about Luke, which was super interesting. I am learning soooo much here in Jerusalem, its crazy! Studying the gospel really has never been so interesting. So overall, it was a pretty fantastic day! Hope you had a Shabbat Shalom as well :)

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  1. Our Sunday was pretty good -- but nothing like yours!
    New posts make my day - Love you!