Saturday, June 5, 2010

Arab Culture Night

Wednesday night we got a well needed break from studying in the form of Arab Culture Night! It started out with our very own call to prayer. The father and son who "sing" the call 5 times a day from the largest mosque in Jerusalem, came to the center and gave us a private performance. It was cool to see and hear what wakes us up bright and early every morning in person and to learn more about the significance of the prayer. They are amazingly talented individauls (I could not make my voice sound like that in a million years) and have every single line of the Qur'an memorized. Pretty impressive!

After prayer we had a native arab cuisine dinner that our cooks spent all day preparing. They turned the Oasis Cafeteria out for the occasion-we actually had real life tablecloths, center pieces, and fancy folded napkins haha. The food was interesting....I am proud to say that I tried everything though!

Our night concluded with Arab folk dancing which was awesome! They brought in a few local experts to teach us the moves and we all got super into it, with foot stomping, jumping, high kicking, and hip shaking galore, and had a blast! I really wish that we had a cultural dance in the US, because the tradition is so much fun.

The night was definitely a success and I would say we are all definitely more cultured because of it :)

P.S. We are no longer under lockdown.....yay!!!!

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