Friday, July 2, 2010

Stace Face's birthday

Today is my dear friend Stacey's birthday!
I seriously don't know what I would do here in J-Ru without this girl.
I love her to death.
She is absolutely hilarious, a total sweetheart, one of the most positive people I know
and my personal yoga "sensei".

A group of us went out to celebrate her birth on Thursday night
(because everything closes early on Friday and today is the Sabbath)
We went to a restaurant in West Jerusalem
and it was seriously amazing.
My sweet potato ravioli was by far the best thing I have eaten since being in Israel.

My life-changing pasta

the whole gang

The highlight of the night was when they brought
out a a piece of chocolate cake to Stacey-complete with a full-blown sparkler.
They Israeli restaurants totally got us beat in that department-a sparkler is so much cooler than a normal candle.

Stacey with her cake-the only downside of the sparkler was that she burnt her finger on it-hence the finger in the glass of water

The cake was obviously not good at all....

We spent the rest of the night walking down Beni Yehuda Street,
dancing with the local bands, eating gelato, and enjoying our freedom from finals.
We came back to the center, had a massive dance party (naturally),
and called it a night.


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