Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Golan Heights Fieldtrip

Our next day in Galilee was spent exploring the Golan Heights. 
The first stop was Gamla, which is a beautiful place with such a sad history.
Gamla was one of the last villages in the Galilee that the Romans destroyed during the first Jewish revolt.
Once it became clear that they would be conquered by the Romans, thousands of Jews decided to throw themselves off these cliffs instead of surrendering.

Despite its violent past, Galmla really was gorgeous and I loved our hike there!
(even if I was wearing a super long maxi dress.....I guess I did not get the good hiking apparel memo haha)

Next we stopped at Qazrin, an ancient talmudic city in the Golan.
This particular village does not have any specific biblical significance, but it does give you a really good idea of what a village would have looked like during the time of Christ.
One random thing we discovered from all the doorways in Qazrin is that all the people back then must have been super short. 
Haha even the shortest people in our group had to duck!

Our next stop was a war memorial honoring all the soldiers who have died in the conflict 
over the Golan Heights.
The craziest part of this site was that the area it is situated in is covered with actual bunkers and minefields-just goes to show how war torn this area really is. 
Haha I have never taken the advice "Watch Your Step!" so literally!

Our last stop was Kursi, the traditional site of the miracle of the swine. As he was teaching, Brother Brown told us that he thinks the miracle actually took place on a cliff a few miles away from this site, but the ruins were still really cool to look at.

This field trip was only half day so we got back to Ein Gev just as the hottest part of the day arrived.
To cool off, our class decided to spend the rest of the day river rafting down the Jordan River!
Sadly, there are no pictures of this since I did not take my camera-excessive amount of water and my luck with electronics is not a very smart combination.
As you can imagine though, we had an absolute blast-pirate rafts, stolen oars, and water fights and all! :)

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