Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well I am back from Galilee!
The only word that can describe my 11 day experience there is
Being able to see the place where Christ spent so much of his ministry is something that I will
never forget.
It is absolutely beautiful and the feeling of peace present there is simply overwhelming.
Studying Christ's teachings on the very spots he gave them, and seeing the setting where he performed so many miracles made the New Testament truly come to life.
I learned so much, even more than I expected to, during my short time there.
More than anything though,
I came to know my Savior in Galilee in a way that I never have before.
And that is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Now I can see why he loved this place so much. 11 days was not long enough. I already want to go back.

We did soooo much in Galilee, so I have tons of catch-up posts to d0!
It might take me a while but they are coming....I promise :)

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  1. Yah! You are back from Galilee and we are home from Tahoe -- (Still unloading all the stuff as a matter of fact!) I just had to check your blog and I'm so happy you're back and posting! I guess if you have to miss Tahoe, Galilee is a pretty good place to be! Love you hon:)