Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Nimrod Castle, and another Bonfire!

The boring travel log posts about Galilee continue....sorry!
I promise there are not too many more though :)

Our first stop of this field trip was Dan.
The whole area has been turned into a nature reserve that is absolutely beautiful!
As we were hiking through the streams under the green, shady trees we all kinda forgot we were still in Israel! 

The national park calls this the "Winnie the Pooh" tree. I am not quite sure why, but apparently they think it looks like the tree in the 100-acre wood. In honor of this important landmark, Karlee and I did our best "pooh bear eating honey" impressions haha.

This tree actually caused quite the controversy, believe it or not. It naturally brought up some conversations about Winnie the Pooh characters which sparked a debate between me and my good friend, Adam. Adam argued that Eeyore is just a menace to society and I came to the poor little guy's defense.  Our argument got quite heated as you can see.
And yes we are aware of the fact that we are college students arguing about cartoon characters. 

I won the debate in case you were wondering. Once Brother Emmett's three little kids took my side I had it in the bag :)

After our hike through the nature reserve we arrived at ancient Dan, where Brother Hamblin guided us through all its biblical features. 

gate to the ancient city

sacrificial altar 

Allison and I both happen to own the exact same teal v-neck t-shirt and we both happen to ALWAYS wear them on the exact same day. We finally decided a twinners picture was necessary and so even though this is not one of the archeological features, I still think it is post worthy. 

Our next stop was the famous Caesarea Philippi. 
We ate our lunches out by its gorgeous Banias waterfall and after seeing its impressive rock walls it makes perfect sense why Christ would have chosen this spot to tell Peter
"Upon this rock I will build my church"

After Caesarea Philippi we went to the Nimrod Fortress/Castle. This castle was built during the crusaders and is still in amazing condition. We had a blast wandering around the castle, exploring the secret tunnels and cooling off in the very welcome breeze.

Our last stop was a quick overlook of Syria. We were not able to cross the border and actually enter the country- mostly because Israel would not let us back into the country if we had a stamp from Syria on our passports- but it was fun to see it from a distance!

We are spelling our Syria if you can't tell....

That night we had our class bonfire which was an absolute riot. The events of the night included
a no-hands cake eating competition

a "guess who's leg?" blindfolded competition

The revealing of the class "Most Likely To...."s

and most importantly smores!

I have heard from previous BYU Jerusalem Students that 
"Egypt makes you friends, and Galilee makes you family"
They were absolutely right! It is amazing how well we have all gotten to know each other and how much I really do love everybody here. There are so many amazing kids here and I feel so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends.

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