Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sepphoris, Corazim, and Acco

This was our last full day at sad! We were still able to see some great sites on our field trip though. Our first stop was Sepphoris-a Jewish Byzantine town famous for its mosaics. 
These mosaics are found in the floors of the wealthy members of Sepphoris's homes and are amazing!
They have survived for thousands of years and are still beautiful and super intricate.

This famous mosaic is known as the
"Mona Lisa of the Galilee"

Our other stop of the day was Acco-the former capital of the Crusader kingdom.
This beautiful city is located right on the shores of the Mediterranean and according to Brother Hamblin at one time the richest city in the world. This city has survived tons of occupations-from the Greeks, to the Crusaders, to the Ottomans-and is a place where so much history has occurred. 
Its largest claim to fame though is that Napoleon tried to conquer it but failed!
The city of Acco is extremely proud of this and has statues of Napoleon all over to honor his dismal failure.

On our way back to the kibbutz we made a quick stop at Corazim, which is one of the three cities that Christ cursed. He said that if Sodom and Gomorra had witnessed the miracles he would have performed in Corazim that even they would have repented. Being told that you are worse than the wickedest city of all time is pretty serious business. I guess the fact that the city lies in ruins after being cursed so seriously kinda makes sense...

We spent our last night in Galilee watching the sunset. The sunsets there were seriously the best I have seen in my life-completely breathtaking. After the amazing testimony meeting we had after the sunset none of us were ready to pack us and go home.  As much as I love the Jerusalem Center, the Ein Gev kibbutz will always have a special place in my heart. I will always remember the friendships I made there, the epic pranks that were pulled, and most importantly the things I learned and felt on the shores of Galilee.

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