Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day Three

Our third day at Galilee was the other class's field trip day so we spent the morning at Ein Gev.
After our New Testament class, I spent a few hours at the beach which was absolutely heavenly! 
Laying in the sun, listening to the waves, almost made me feel like I was back at Lake Tahoe with the rest of my family this week!
 (I went 20 straight years without missing a single Tahoe, so missing it this summer felt like a serious crime. I guess Galilee is kinda an alright substitute though!)

After a lovely day of lounging at the beach trying to get rid of my J-Ru farmers tan and playing some insanely intense Ultimate Frisbee, I went on an optional hike (I told you Jerusalem is turning me into a granola girl haha)
Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the hike, but it was gorgeous and so much fun-even if it was 110 degrees outside!

We got back to the kibbutz just in time to take a 2 minute shower, before we headed out to dinner.
Our class went out to the Ein Gev Fish Restaurant, where the special is St. Peter's Fish. 
Now this may sound innocent enough but don't be fooled-it is actually quite frightening.
When they say St. Peter's fish they literally mean a fish-eyeballs, teeth, scales, fins, and all.
I am not a seafood person to begin with, so having an entire fish put in front of me was quite startling.
It really did not taste too bad at all....but the presentation was just a little too much for me to handle haha


After dinner we drove over to Tiberias to wander around, shop. and get ice cream. Most of the shops ended up being closed for the upcoming Shabbat, but luckily we did still manage to find some apostate shops still open and got our ice cream, which was much more appetizing than St. Peter's fish in my opinion :)

You can't tell I had spent all day in a swimsuit at all, right?

The girls with our ice cream
(Me, Katie, Kathleen, Maddie, Amanda and Karlee)

It was so nice to have such a fun, laid back day after several field trips in row,
and I think we all enjoyed every single minute of it! 
(except for the stupid people who decided to eat the fish eyeballs that is....gross)

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