Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zedekiah's Cave

Yesterday, we had about a three hour break in between classes so a group and I went out into the city and visited Zedekiah's Cave. It was so cool! Zedekiah's cave is a huge (over 5 acres) cave that is right underneath the old city. It is thousands of years old, and is where the stones used to build Soloman's temple were quarried. You can actually still see stones that are partially cut out in the walls.

Zedekiah's cave is also a traditional free mason site where rituals have been rumored to take place, and possibly where the free masons first organized....pretty nifty stuff for all you dan brown fans out there haha

We had a great time exploring the cave, trying to figure what part of the old city exactly we were underneath, playing around with our shadows and imagining what the cave would have been like a few thousand years ago. A very successful adventure if I do say so myself!

the shadow spells BYU if you can't tell haha

On our way home we stopped at the Rockefeller Museum. Unfortunatetly they did not allow cameras in the museum because there was some amazing stuff. Everything there was so old-somethings dating back hundreds of thousands of years-that it was hard to even fathom how
old they really were. It is amazing that they made such intricate things considering their lack of modern technology and I couldnt help but think that they had something figured out that we don't....

outside of the Rockefeller

It was back to studying before too long, but it was definitely a very interesting afternoon!

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