Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to Egypt!

Well in about a half hour I will be on a bus departing for Egypt! I am so excited/scared. The excitement of course comes from how amazing Egypt is-I mean I am going to get to see the pyramids, ride a camel, hike Sinai, visit tombs, see mummies, and ride a boat down the nile-pretty amazing! The being scared part comes from the part that it is so easy to get sick over there and those lucky enough to get sick are basically knocked out and miserable the rest of the trip, not the greatest way to experience Egypt! Professor Hamblin told us (only partially joking) that the only way not to get sick in Egypt is to not eat the food, drink the water, touch anything, or breathe the air. Luckily I have stocked up on enough granola bars and dried fruit to last me the week, but as for everything else haha wish me luck! Bon Voyage!

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