Friday, May 21, 2010

Pyramids and Temples and Mummies, oh my!

Well, after eight days of Egypt awesomeness and five bottles of hand sanitizer, I am back in Jerusalem! So much happened on this trip, and I experienced so much, that I do not even know where to begin. We fit so much in that our days started before six and did not end until after ten-so that means you should all be prepared for a post overload over the next few days as I try to cover it all!
I have found as I travel that most places are slightly different than what I think they are going to be like. Egypt, however, was exactly how I have always imagined it! The pyramids, tombs, temples, ruins, and nile river were all incredible and we were all in a pretty much constant state of amazement that we were actually seeing them in person. Yes, the inevitable happened and I got sick for a few days (which the whole group predicted and joked about because I was so overly paranoid about everything) but I survived and it was so worth it to get to visit all these sites that I have dreamed about since studying Egypt in elementary school. So stay tuned for all my Egyptian adventures!

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