Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

Well i am finally here in the holy land! The flight was very long and quite uncomfortable as a result of sitting in between two quite large orthodox jewish men on the way over, but it was well worth it! It is still surreal that I am actually here, and the center and Jerusalem are everything I ever hoped they would be. When i first got here gmail decided for some odd reason to disable my account and remove my blog...lame! I tried to fix it, but i finally gave up and just started a new blog so sorry about that confusion.
This is my fifth day here and I cannot believe how much I love it and how much I have seen already. This is a truly amazing place and I know I am going to learn so much. I am going to be playing catch up on all the things I have been up to the last few days, so be prepared for a post overload!

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