Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Baby Sister is all Grown-Up!

So my beautiful little "seester" Elisa graduates from high school today and turns 18 on weird! I seriously can't believe it. She is the baby of the family and I swear she is not old enough to legally be an adult, even if people do typically think she is the older sister when they first meet us haha (to my credit she is three inches taller than me!)
I look up to her for so many reasons other than her height tho. For example....
  • She is the hardest working girl I know! She studies so hard and she has a straight A high school career to prove it
  • She got all the athletic genes in the family and can beat me in an arm wrestle
  • She is hilarious! She has been the family entertainer before she could talk and lets us laugh at her blonde moments
  • She is a loyal friend and sister
  • She makes the greatest chocolate chip cookies
  • She can moonwalk and bust out lots of other sick moves during our kitchen dance parties
  • She is such a brave girl
  • She can trash talk with the best of them...just ask my grandpa
  • She has such a strong desire to be good and is so dedicated to the gospel
  • Most of all, she puts up with me when I am moody, watches disney movies with me on Sunday nights, jams out to awesome music with me in the car, makes ridiculous faces in pictures with me, is my personal fashion consultant, and lays on my bed for hours so we can have girl talk and giggle late into the night.

my all-time favorite picture of us....haha her face is priceless!

Love you sissy! I am so proud of you and so grateful to have you as a sister and best friend. Sorry that I am not there to celebrate this week with you, and I hope you have an amazing graduation and birthday! Live it up :) hugs from Jerusalem


  1. DARLING pictures of two of the cutest girls EVER! I'm sure she misses you today.

  2. that is so sweet haha i also love elisa's moonwalks and blonde moments as well... she is definitely the entertainer in our group friends. i love her!