Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day two

The second day of our trip was nothing to exciting to be honest and sadly I don't have any pictures to share. This is partly because there was nothing really worth taking pictures of and partly because the sand from the desert the night before somehow managed to get through my camera case and into my camera lens, making it completely worthless :( Don't worry tho, luckily my friends here are lifesavers and took pictures for me the rest of the trip! We spent the large majority of the day on the bus and I spent the majority of that time trying to sleep in horribly cramped positions or reading aloud our group's getting-to-know-you sheets, which were mildly hilarious if I do say so myself! We finally crossed the border into Egypt after waiting in a wretchedly long line, which was totally worth it because the Egypt stamp/visa in my passport is really cool! After the making it past the border we got our first taste of an Egyptian public restroom....which I will spare you the details on but it was basically a hole in the ground with swarms of flies.....and eventually made it to our hotel in Cairo! The highlight of the day was catching our first glimpse of the pyramids in the horizon as the sun was setting, which made us so excited to be in Egypt, dirty bathrooms and all!

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