Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fat Kid Post-Jerusalem Treats

Jerusalem definitely has a few things right in the sugary treats department.
Just let me introduce you. 

Babettes Waffles.

Babette's is a little hole in the wall local hangout that sells the most amazing waffles.
The waffles themselves are good but then they top them with your choice
of carmel, chocolate, cinnamon cream cheese, berries, whipped cream, basically anything delicious you can think of. 
Yes, they are fantastic as they sound. 

Now, if you wanted to take the dessert waffle up a notch (or five) you could stop by the one of the gelato shops. Gelato by itself was always delicious, but combining it with a waffle makes is pretty much unbeatable.
As incredible as this treat was, we could only justify splurging on the extra calories on it once over the summer.
Totally worth it though.
Our waffle had white chocolate melted all over it, was liberally sprinkled with white and milk chocolate chunks, and on top of that came 3 types of gelato and whipped cream. 
It was pretty intense, but completely amazing!
I seriously think they should open up one of these dessert waffle places in Provo. 
It would be a hit in my opinion.

A favorite every day treat for the students of the Jerusalem center was the shekel pop.
A little store right across from the JC sold a wide assortment of popsicles for the killer price of only one shekel (the equivalent of a quarter). 
Seriously, there was nothing better or more refreshing after trekking up the massive hill to the center than a strawberry coated ice cream popsicle that was oh so conveniently priced and located.
I may or may not have stopped to get one almost every day. 

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