Monday, September 27, 2010

Final Friday Service Project

After finishing up finals on Friday (hallelujah-this semester was a killer) 
a group of us went over to the children's hospital in East Jerusalem.
Every semester students from the JC paint a mural on one of the
hospital's boring white walls to liven up the environment for the kids.
Our group decided that this was definitely a worthwhile tradition to continue :)
The more artistically gifted members of the group outlined jungle animals
out for us and the rest of us decorated them to our heart's content.
Melissa and I creatively beautified this lovely alligator.

We had an absolute blast,the mural turned out amazing,
(The finished project was much better than these pictures show), 
and the kids at the hospital were adorable.
It was the perfect way to spend my last Friday in Jerusalem.
Especially because we ran to a bakery afterwards to pick up one last loaf of challah bread :)

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