Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Three-Jerash

We spent day three of Jordan in Jerash. 
Jerash is actually the most complete set of roman ruins outside of Rome.
These ancient roman cities are so much fun to wander around in and explore. I have always had a thing for Greek and Roman culture so I love visiting these types of sites. It is basically the next best thing to a trip to Italy! They even have gelato :)

Hadrians Arch
ampitheater-these awesome Arab men gave us an improntu  bagpipe performance

'The Moving Pillar'- if you put your finger into the crack you can feel it wobbling back and forth-kinda trippy.

The best part of Jerash was the gladiator show in the original stadium. At Jerash they put on a show demonstrating real roman soldier techniques and battle strategies and formations, gladiator battles, and chariot races-recreating the most popular spectator sport of all time. 
Now you may think this is just another gladiator. You would be mistaken though. This is actually our good friend and fellow JC student Ramzi. They saw him walking around with our group beforehand, thought he looked the part and recruited him for the show haha

After the show finished up, Josett and I sweet talked one of the chariot drivers into taking us for a spin around the race track. It was amazing! It is crazy how fast they go-I was barely able to hold on around the bens. I seriously felt like I was Ben Hurr :)

For lunch we stopped at an amazing restaurant that makes their own pita right on site. Now I consider myself quite the conessuir of flat bread after living in the Middle East for over three months-it is definitely the staple of our diet over here. So when I say that this is the best pita I have ever had, that is actually saying something. It was fantastic. 

Before we headed back to the hotel we stopped at the Jabbok River, which is where Jacob wrestled with an angel. It was beautiful.

We spent that night hanging out at the hotel, watching pirated DVDS we picked up at the mall, (a copy of Eclipse for a dollar is a great deal-even if you can see someone stand up and leave the theater half way through) and hanging out. It is amazing how close we are as a group and how much fun we have together. I seriously love these people and cannot believe that in less than a week we won't be living in the same place together anymore!

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